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Barbering – Full Time

Barbering – Part Time

Cosmetology – Full Time – 1500 Hours

Cosmetology – Part Time – 1500 Hours

Cosmetology – Full Time – 1800 Hours

Cosmetology – Part Time – 1800 Hours

Esthetics – Full Time – 600 Hours

Esthetics – Part Time – 600 Hours

Esthetics – Full Time – 638 Hours

Esthetics – Part Time – 638 Hours

Nail Technician – Full Time

Nail Technician – Part Time

Hairstyling – Full Time

Hairstyling – Part Time

Placement Rate Methodology:

New Dimensions’ placement rates are calculated based on The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences guidelines. Placement rates are calculated by determining how many students that were scheduled to graduate the previous year and successfully did graduate. Out of the students that successfully graduated it is determined how many graduates were placed in the field prior to November 30th of the current year. Students can be declared ineligible for being in the calculation if they meet one of the following conditions; the graduate is deceased, the graduate is permanently disabled, the graduate is deployed for military service/duty, the graduate studied under a student visa and is ineligible for employment in the U.S. , the graduate continued his/her education at an institution under the same ownership.