Success Story

Natasia Baumgartner

Natasia Baumgartner is representing New Dimensions Beauty Academy with her success in being chosen because of her coloring techniques and trending hairstyling. She has set a standard for being a success in her chosen field. We are proud to have her at our school. This is one of the top magazines in the beauty industry, she has including the picture that won the contest for up and coming stylist for this year!


Brittany Timmer

Brittany Timmer graduated from the cosmetology program at New Dimensions Beauty Academy in July 2012. Choosing this school is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I chose it because it was a smaller school, hoping I’d get more practice and better instruction. This was exactly the case. The teachers here are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They taught me the things I would need, not only to pass my boards, but things I continue to use in my career today. I was able to work on so many different clients on the clinic floor, usually being booked for the majority of my day. I would highly recommend this school to anyone pursuing the cosmetology field. I love my career now, and I know I have Julie and the rest of the staff at New Dimensions Beauty Academy to thank for that!


Ming Meyer

Ming Meyer was a graduate from New Dimensions in 2013. She opened “Get Nailed” in February 2014. Ming excelled in her program while she was a student here at New Dimensions. She was always eager to learn the newest trends and cutting edge techniques. We wish her the best in her salon endeavor!